Simple Steps To Activate IDBI Net Banking

Net banking has changed banking ways once and for all.  Gone are the days of rushing to the bank to pass a cheque, make a payment, getting a statement and even to know the balance in your account.  All made easy and with the comfort of home nowadays. Technology has brought the banking to the tip of your fingers. Just by a click millions could be transferred and anything anywhere anytime could be bought.

Benefits of net banking:

Net banking is a shot in the arm for the banking industry.  It has saved time, transport, paperwork, and many more for better and safe banking.  IDBI Net Bank is the best in the net banking business.  IDBI Net Banking has made banking easy, fast and secure.

Simple steps to activate IDBI net banking:

You don’t have to go to the bank to activate your IDBI net banking.  The only thing required is your debit card and its pin number.  Also, the registered phone with the bank should be kept handy for the OTPs to be received while activating net banking.  Activating net banking with IDBI is easy but precautions should be properly taken before doing so. There is always a possibility of some malpractices to get into your account and steal the money.  Hence activation should be tread with caution. Hence before you register to log in for net banking the following safety measures are to be followed to make your net banking secure.

  • The letter ‘s’ for standing for security in https should be confirmed.
  • Ensure the padlock symbol appears on the address bar or the status bar but not on the web page.
  • Ensure the site is secured by SSL. This can be seen from the address bar turning green on entering the site.
  • For activation or for any transaction do not use the link from any other website. Always use the official address of IDBI.
  • Do not activate or transact from any unsecured systems like the ones in cyber cafes.
  • While creating passwords use the virtual keyboard or enhanced security for it.

Once you are logged in the rest to activate is facile with IDBI net banking. Do the following steps for successful and safe activation.

ü  Enter your customer ID and account number to get the OTP in your registered mobile phone.

ü  After entering the OTP set your login Id and password.

Now you are part of the IDBI networking world.

Last words:

Caution should be exercised before activating the IDBI net banking to avoid phishing and any other fraudulent attempts on your account.

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