ICICI Bank And Its Features And Specifications

Also known as the Industrial credit and Investment Corporation of India or the ICICI Bank is one of the biggest Indian multinational banks, offering its financial services to the customers of the country. The bank is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It has a number of accolades to its honor, being the second largest bank in terms of assets and the third in terms of market capitalization. The bank is popular in the corporate sector of the company however it does play a prominent role in its delivery channels and offices for retail customers. The bank has specialized subsidiaries for investment banking, non-life insurance, venture capital and asset management.

The ICICI Bank is a part of the Big Four banks of the country which are said to be too big to fail in the market. The bank also has its offices outside of the country in prominent locations like United Kingdom, Canada, United States, China and South Africa.

Different products and services offered by the bank

ICICI Bank is one of the largest nationalized private sector banks of the country. The bank offers a number of services to its customers mainly online money transfer, tracking service, automated lockers, credit cards, debit cards, digital wallet, loans, home finance, general insurance, funds management, prudential pensions, car loan, personal loan, savings account, gold loan, business loan, loan against property and trusteeship policies.

The next generation features of EazyPay

ICICI Bank came out with one of its earliest and India’s first digital (Point of sales) PoS application that is going to help the different merchants to collect payments through multiple digital modes. This will help the merchants and retailers to scan barcodes, raise invoices, track inventory and undertake sales n the credit. Not only this but with EazyPay the merchants and retailers can apply for card swipe machine instantly and that too in a completely paperless manner, all in a digital way; which is also the first one in the country. For people who handle medium to large scale operations, their employees can now easily use the application simultaneously to collect payment on their mobile phones that too at multiple counters.

Other features of EazyPay

  • Merchants can easily scan the barcode and pay from their smartphones using EazyPay
  • The merchants can name a payment as paid by cash or sold on credit. For sold in credit, the payment can be easily collected by the existing modes of collection.
  • You can now collect payments through a card wipe machine as well
  • Merchants would be able to make B2B payments

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