How You Can Deposit Cash Any Of ICICI Bank Branch Easily

Even in this hi-tech world, certain basic things cannot remain unchanged. One of this is the deposit of money in the bank. Science and technology have to leap several more steps to replace cash. Hence with all the online, net, mobile banking, there is still a necessity of depositing the hard earned money into the bank.  Only with money in the bank, all the technology will help in spending it.  But to have money in the bank it needs to be earned for depositing it in the bank.

Bank Deposits In ICICI Bank:

Deposit of money, one of the very few banking transactions done nowadays is given utmost importance by ICICI bank.  To facilitate the easy deposit of money into its branches, ICICI bank has the following facilities for its customers:

ICICI Cash Deposit Machines:

This modern day of money deposit in banks is done by money deposit machines.  There are more than 1200 such money depositing machines in the nook and corners of India to facilitate the easy deposit of money for its customers. They function 24/7 365 days with all the basic facilities.  It can be done by the customer or their representatives.

  • Customers can use the cash deposit machines for depositing money by swiping their debit card and entering the pin number.
  • For customer representatives, they could just key in the account number and insert the cash in the machine to credit it in the corresponding account.
  • Also, the confirmation of deposits is instantaneously informed by SMS to the registered mobile number. This makes the deposits to be done correctly and safely.

Cash Deposits In ICICI Branches:

ICICI bank has nearly 5000 branches all over India and they work from 10 A.M. to 4 P.M. all days except on holidays and second and fourth Saturdays Anytime are a good time for depositing cash in these branches.  The ultra-tech facilities make money depositing a wonderful experience.

Limits Of Cash Deposits In ICICI Bank:

Any amount of money could be deposited in the base branch or the branch where the account is maintained. But for deposits in other branches anywhere in India and in the money deposit machines, it is limited to only Rs. 50,000/- per day.

Where To Get The Details Of The Money Depositing Machines:

All the details of the branches and money depositing machines can be obtained by just clicking into the official website of ICICI bank in the mobile phones. Their exact locations and work timing, holidays in the case of branches all will be got in a second. Hard earned money is safe and secure by easy deposits in ICICI bank.

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