What Makes ICICI Bank A Safe Online Banking Platform?

Banking changed from bricks to clicks with online banking.  The traditional brick buildings for banks are now only necessary for basic banking activities.  During the 1980s with the advent of the internet the slow electronic transformation of banking changed to online banking fast.  The 1990s saw the rapid online banking development across the world.  This has made life easy and also with the comfort of home.


Technology has brought many benefits to the humankind.  But the sad part is it is a two-way sword.  If not used properly applied it could cause colossal damages also.  Along with the advent of online banking in the 1980s, there is also reference to Phishing in 1987 in an HP  group presentation.  Phishing is a fraudulent technology technique to get crucial and sensitive information. The individual usernames, passwords and credit card details are got by this technique by gaining entry into the electronic communication field.

ICICI safe online banking:

ICICI provides safe online banking to prevent phishing and any other kinds of fraudulent attempts on your account.  This is done with the utmost care and concern to protect not only your sensitive information but also your valuable future savings.  The following are the guidelines of safety adhered by ICICI bank for foolproof banking.

  • Phishing in any form is totally controlled
  • To make sure your transactions are not affected by the different kinds of viruses, increasing every day.
  • Prevent vishing which is another form of phishing.
  • Safeguard innocent customers from falling prey to the money mule tactic. This technique is used to launder illegal money through the customer’s account.
  • Skimming which is done by fraudsters in the ATMs to get your card details is totally made not possible with ICICI bank ATMs. Safety measures with technological support reduce this skimming of your card details for depriving you of your valuable savings.
  • SIM-Swap:

For every account ICICI bank links a registered mobile number.  This is the communication tool between the bank and the customer.  Most of the vital information like OTP, password, balance and transaction details and many are only communicated by this registered phone.  By some crooked means, fraudsters obtain this registered mobile number of inactive customers for a long time.  This is then used to access the account for looting the amount in the account.  This is completely minimized with certain protocols of confirmation for accounts inactive for a period of time.

Last words:

With ICICI bank login you can be assured of safety to its fullest form to make banking with ICICI an easy and enjoyable experience

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